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Our craftsmen

Crete’s most passionate winemakers, farmers and producers

Commitment to sustainable farming

A typical day in Crete

While the Greek economy continues to place a strain on its people, farmers and producers have continued to invest time and effort to improve their productivity and quality. They’ve had to rethink and modernize for new markets. A typical day in Crete is hard labor in an often rugged terrain. With the sun beaming behind them and the smile of their loved ones, these craftsmen are proud on what they take from their land and offer to your homes.

Meet the people

These craftsmen and women that I are proud members of the Cretan community. Many contributed to the revival of their villages. They nurture their land with pride and a sense of accountability towards the environmentally, where natural, organic, traceable products are the legacy they will leave for their families and generations to follow.

Vassilakis Estate

Overseeing all stages of production, from cultivating, harvesting, pressing and bottling directly in their state-of-the art facility…

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Gavalas winery

With Nikos Gavalas, you will feel his pride and joy for the love of his winery, his family history and the wines he produces...

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Dourakis winery

Andreas Dourakis returned to his roots and started the family winery in 1988 which is proud of its identity and tradition…

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Biolea Estate

A commitment to a unique and traditional method that produces a stone milled and cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil…

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Manousakis winery

On the hills just outside the small village of Vatolakkos, between 350 and 600 meters, the scent of the wild herbs of Crete will intoxicate you…

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Silva Daskalaki winery

Biodynamic farming. The commitment the Daskalaki family embraces everyday in their vineyards…

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Diamantakis winery

Located in the Eastern foothills of Mount Psiloritis,  a winery with a purpose to cultivate local grapes which can be blended in perfectly to produce fine wines…

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Fragiadakis - Beekeeper

Love and respect for the bees and what they provide with the beneficial properties of natural thyme honey…

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Domaine Zacharioudakis

Organic vineyard located in the South of Crete, just North of the ancient city of Gortyn that produces Cretan wines of the finest quality...

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Psithiros 26.50$
Aiora white
Aiora white 26.25$
Meth'Imon L
Meth'Imon L 38.50$
Rapsani 29.30$



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