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The Island of Crete

Land of mystery, warmth and beauty

Mountain peaks above 2000 meters - Beaches and Gorges throughout

Filled with contrasts and surprises in each bend in the road as you travel through it. It can be hot, mild or tropical as it straddles two climatic zones (but the climate is primarily Mediterranean). The atmosphere can be humid, depending on the proximity to the sea, while winter is fairly mild. Snowfall is common in the mountains between November and April, and snow capped mountains can be seen until the end of May. Rugged wild regions, especially in the South. For example, at the ancient settlement of Kato Zakros as you climb the Dead Man’s Gorge, you may hear the echoes of those who have passed on.

Mountain ranges

High mountain ranges crossing from West to East form 3 groups of mountains. The White Mountains (Lefka Ori) and the Idi Range, with Mount Psiloritis reach over 2,450 meters high each, while the Dikti Mountains on the Lassithi plateau tops 2,150 meters high. As you travel through the mountains of Crete, time will stand still as the landscapes are breathtaking. Just one descent through the Messara plain, a 50 km stretch from East to West, the incredible number of countless olive trees and its silver lining will leave you speechless.


More than a hundred beaches offer everything you can imagine. Popular and trendy (some can be overcrowded in the summer) or secluded beaches with soft white sand and enchanting coves, your choices are endless. Either the unique natural Palm Trees at Vai (Northeast cost) or white pink pure sand beach of Elafonissi (Southwest coast) will charm you like so many you can find throughout the Island.


The most famous Gorge is Samaria, south west of Chania. It is the longest gorge in Europe, a total length of 18 km (the path is actually 14 km). A 6-7 hour descent awaits as you enter the gates up in the mountain all the way down to Agia Roumelli. A must if you travel to Crete. Well maintained and managed descent. One of many you can find on the Island, and an experience worth for hikers of all levels.



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