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Olive oil, wine and honey

Natural. organic, traceable - Quality products from the source

Extra virgin olive oil

There are over 30 million olive trees in Crete alone. The olive is one of three core food plants, the other two being wheat and grapes. Over 90% of olive oil in Crete is extra virgin. An acidity value less than 0.8 and comprised of more than 85% of unsaturated fats. It is considered to have the best flavor and forms as much as 80% of Greece’s total olive oil production.

Wines of Crete

There are over 30 wineries that comprise the Wines of Crete region, which has been recently named as one of five top regions for 2016 by Wine Enthusiast. Native varieties such as Vilana, Vidiano, Mandilari and Kotsifali (to name a few) are now gaining recognition throughout Europe.

Thyme honey

There are thousands of beekeepers alone in Crete. Honey is another core product of the Cretan diet and dates back to the Minoans. The main honey varieties are based from wild flowers, thyme and pine trees.   

Selected with care

All products are selected with care and come directly from the producer or winery. Every single producer is committed to the quality of their products, honoring local traditions, and ensuring great care to a sustainable environment. Organic wines and olive oil, as well as natural honey are now available offering a taste of the Cretan experience.



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