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You will find some of our wines at the following restaurants: 




Koukla: (wine bar): Nostos Assyrtiko, Petali, Vorinos, Sera (red) and Diamantopetra (white and red)
Mamakas Taverna: Nostos Romeïko 
Select Bakery: Petali, Vorinos, Nostos Romeïko, Sera (red) and Emilia (sweet wine) 



Aroma Meze: Vorinos, Nostos Assyrtiko, Petali, Fragospito (white and red), An (rosé) and Sera (red)



Petros Laurier: Vorinos, Nostos Assyrtiko, Sera (white and red), An rosé, Red Nest, MRS., Codex, Nostos Syrah and Tsikoudia
Mythos ouzeri: Codex, Sera (white and red) and Emilia
Le Flamant:  Petali, MRS., Nostos Romeïko, Blackbird (rosé) and Great Hawk
Chez Victoire: Nostos Assyrtico and Nostos Pink
Les Cavistes: Rapsani Old vines
Balos: Sera (red and white)
Chifa: Vidiano, Diamantopetra (white) and Kotsifali
Loche Cafe: Vorinos, Codex



Le Boating Club: Nostos Assyrtiko and Kotsifali


Quebec city:

Bistro L'Atelier: Sera (white)
Le Mezzé - taverna grecque: Petali, Le Vigneron Grec, Le Roi des Montagnes, Yli35, Rapsani Old vines 
Ophelia: Nostos Pink (rosé), Nostos Assyrtico



St-Charles Café Bistro: Vorinos, Vidiano, Petali, Mandilari and Sera (red)
Bistro Pic Bois: MRS.
Cabane d'à Côté: Vorinos, Vilana.



La Buvette du Vieux Terrebonne: Great Hawk



Le Succeda: Nostos Romeïko



Chez Le Voisin: Nostos Romeïko



Le Coureur des Bois: Diamantopetra (white and red), Kotsifali



Bistro 4 Saisons: Nostos Romeïko


 You can find Biolea and Lemonio:




Ca va barder: 55, Fleury ouest, in Montreal



You can find Alfa thyme honey at: 




Select Bakery: 405 Donlands avenue, East York, in Toronto



Ilion: 1539 avenue Van Horne, Montréal



La Moisson - Supermarché santé: 360 rue Sicard, Ste-Thérèse


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