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Creticos - authentic products

Crete. The island. Secluded beaches, mountains, remote villages, the food and the people. A land of history, culture and beauty. And still fairly unknown in Canada.

Crete, is that in Greece?

I’ve heard it several times. I admit, I am biased. I truly enjoy Crete. For all of it. People in Crete live long, they enjoy life, they work hard and yes, they are proud. A long history that explains this…


Through some core products, you will sample the “Cretan experience”. Quality wines, extra virgin olive oils and thyme honey have been part of this culture and be traced back to the Minoans. Products that are natural, traceable, organic, chosen directly on location by meeting and selecting winemakers, farmers, beekeepers that care about quality and their land.


Sharing this experience through genuine and authentic products, you will get to know the men and women who are committed to sustainable farming practices, to the legacy they are leaving for their children. These are some of Crete’s most passionate people.



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