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Organic vineyards since 2001

A family tradition of over 100 years of wine making

Pride and passion

The moment you meet Nikos Gavalas you will feel his pride and joy for the love of his winery, his family history and the wines he produces. His passion for his craft. As you travel south of the Heraklion region well past the main road, you will find the winery in a picturesque setting in the small rural village of Vorias.

Organic vineyards

The first vines planted in 1906 by Emmanuel Gavalas, his great grandfather who would use the Minoan dressed stone treading tank at the village of Agios Thomas. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather (Nikos), and his father (Emmanuel), Nikos and his family are committed to an organic winery since 2001 to protect their environment from the use of pesticides and to ensure a lasting legacy for their children.

Nikos Gavalas winery

From production to bottling

Every stage of the vinification process is done and controlled in a vertical modern unit. Since 2004, a modern facility was set-up and the winery cultivates both international grapes and local Cretan varieties like Kotsifali, Vilana, Moschato Spinas and Malvasia. Visit Gavalas website >>





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