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An epic hero returns home

Nostos - A man’s journey to give back to his homeland

The return from America

Theodore Manousakis left for America as a young boy and became a successful businessman. But something was missing. While he felt he had nearly lost his heritage, he returned to his homeland determined to retain his identity. In 1993, the first vineyards were planted and “The Journey” had just begun.

Rigorous earth-friendly practices

The Manousakis family and their employees are close. You can feel it when you are with them. They take great pride in their craft and are committed to a sustainable development of their vineyards through the use of rigorous earth-friendly practices.


Mosaic style cultivation

Theodore, his daughter Alexandra and her husband Afshin, as well as both Kostis and Ioannis Galanis, are extremely sensitive to their ecosystem as they practice organic farming with the many small plots of the vineyard. A mosaic style cultivation that is time consuming, tedious and more costly but is required to attain higher quality wines.

The scent of the wild herbs of Crete

On the hills just outside the small village of Vatolakkos, between 350 and 600 meters, the scent of the wild herbs of Crete will intoxicate you. And the wines made of Vidiano, Roussanne, Grenache and Syrah will make your visit and Theodore’s Journey all worth it. Visit Manousakis website >>




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