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Stone milled and cold pressed olive oil

Organic cultivation - artisan extra virgin olive oil

Stone milled and Cold pressed

The Astrikas Estate olive groves are located in northwestern Crete in the Kolymbari area. George Dimitriadis, a 5th generation descendant, founded Biolea in 1994. His daughter Chloe and the family pursue a commitment to a unique and traditional method that produces a stone milled and cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil.

Richer content of antioxidants

The olives of Koroneiki variety are stone-milled and cold pressed to retain the maximum benefits with a higher content of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. More labour intensive, this organic cultivation process provides a superior quality olive oil that is distinguished by its mild sweet taste. The olive oil is unfiltered making it cloudy and thick.

Lemonio and Nerantzio

Biolea also produces 2 unique varieties. Olives are stone milled with fresh whole lemons (Lemonio), and with fresh whole bitter oranges (Nerantzio) and then cold pressed creating exotic tasting organic olive oils.

Certified by BioHellas

George Dimitriadis lived in Canada and returned to the family estate. His goal has always been to produce a superior quality product with farming practices he can be proud of. The cultivation, production and infrastructure is inspected and certified by BioHellas, which exemplify a dedication to the sustainable agriculture and health conscious consumers. Visit Biolea website >>




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