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A tradition for many decades

100% authentic Cretan thyme honey

Near the ancient Minoan settlement of Phaistos

A family business with decades of tradition in beekeeping. Kosta Fragiadakis comes from a small village at the foothills of Mount Psiloritis. Located in the South of Crete near Moires and the ancient Minoan settlement of Phaistos. And like his ancestors, he has a tremendous respect and love for the bees and what they provide with the beneficial properties of natural thyme honey.


Unique endemic vegetation

Produced in the mountains of Crete where vegetation is rich and consist of native herbs, trees and shrubs which are unique to the island. Plants flourish in abundance such as white thyme (asprothymos), dittany, pine, and sage.

In Spring and summer, the lower slopes of Mount Psiloritis are filled with colors and fragrances of marjoram, thyme, sage and burnets. Ideal for a completely natural honey that is aromatic and unique.

Modern facilities with high quality standards and hygiene (ISO 22000)

The honey is collected and transferred to the facility where it is filtered and packaged without any treatment. The factory meets the standards and regulations of ISO 22000 for food safety and proper hygienic conditions are maintained throughout all production stages. Visit Fragiadakis website >>




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