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Fine wines from native varieties

Cultivating local grapes to create exceptional wines

At the foothill of Mount Psiloritis

Founded in 2007, Diamantakis winery is a family business of 3rd generation vine growers. Located in the Eastern foothills of Mount Psiloritis (which is the highest point in Crete) at 450 meters, just outside the village of Kato Asites, the winery is committed to cultivating local grapes which can be blended in perfectly with the unique macro climate of the area to produce fine wines.

Diamantakis winery

Award winning Decanter World Wines

Zacharias, who studied oenology, is involved in wine making and promoting the wines. Many have won awards in International competitions like the Decanter World Wine Awards. The family’s long tradition in viticulture has allowed them to continually enhance the quality of the native Cretan varieties, such as Vidiano or Mandilari. Visit Diamantakis website >>




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