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Signature plates and dishes

While the Diet consists of food from natural sources at its foundation, and not rich sauces, many local specialities define the Cretan cuisine. Books and recipes can be found easily but some of the most popular foods or dishes would be:

  • Dakos: a tomato based salad, reminiscent of Bruschetta, that uses barley rusks or paximadi that is lightly soaked in water or olive oil
  • Cheese pies: Sfakia or Kaltsounia, while you may find many local varieties
  • Cretan lamb: with olive oil, oregano and thyme, accompanied by wild greens (stamnagathi)
  • Fried zucchini or eggplant: lightly breaded, with grated Graviera
  • Cretan cheeses: Graviera, myzithra or local varieties
  • Snails: many local varieties usually boiled with vinegar, rosemary and olive oil
  • Fresh fish, calamari and octopus: Grilled, not fried


    Enjoy them all, especially while you visit Crete. And, seek out small tavernas in local villages. Ask them about their specialities and enjoy life as they do.



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